3 Ways To Sell Your House in DC!

Need to sell your house in DC? If so, you’re probably like most people and immediately think about hiring a realtor to listing the property. This is a great solution for many people, however, you should know there are other ways to sell your house in DC! Keep reading to learn 3 ways you can sell your house!

3 ways to sell your house in DC

Sell Directly To An Investment Company / Investor

There are investment companies, like Consistent Homebuyers, that will buy your DC house directly from you using a straight-forward and simple process. These types of sales are becoming increasingly popular because it eliminates the need for a realtor to be involved, the investors buy it in AS-IS condition, and they can close quickly. This means you won’t have to worry about commission, repairs, cleaning-up, or waiting for a buyer to come along. You will immediately know the amount you are receiving as well as the closing date.

With that said, a direct sale isn’t for everyone. It’s important you do your homework or consult with a real estate professional to find out which route is best for you. A direct sale may not offer full market price, but for some people, the amount saved on repairs and wasted time will more than make up for the difference in price.

List Your Home With An Experienced Agent

Of course, listing your DC house is an option. Take the time to learn about everything that is involved and what will be expected of you. No two agents work exactly the same and there are no guarantees. Your property can be listed for any price, but there is no guarantee you will receive it. Watch out for agents who try to “wow” you with a high listing price. If it’s priced too high, it will likely sit on the market, possibly for months at a time. You will inevitably have to lower the price, while your property drops down the list of homes available on the MLS. If you decide to list, make sure your agent prices your home to sell. Not just setting a high price to convince you to sign a listing agreement.

Offer Seller Financing

This can work for some people who don’t need the cash from the home immediately. You can elect to carry the note setting up a “rent-to-own” structure. Your tenant will “rent” the property at a higher than average price, with some of the money going toward a down payment on the home. They will then have the option to buy the property outright at the end of a certain period of time, typically around 2 years.

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